Luxurious soft shaving cream „AXOLUTE“


  • Pleasure of shaving

  • Smooth, fluffy and aromatic foam

  • Also suitable for sensitive skin

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Soft shaving cream AXOLUTE

Shaving cream tube 100ml

It contains extracts of natural ingredients and coconut essential oil that moisturize and hydrate the skin of the face to prepare it for the daily shaving by allowing a slight glide of the razor’s blade. After shaving, your skin will be soft and velvety. The unique aroma Axolute with its intense citrus notes mixed with ginger and woody notes, gives real pleasure while shaving.

For proper use, a shaving bowl must be used – take a small amount of shaving cream with the brush and stir in the shaving bowl until a thick and aromatic foam is created.

Does not contain colorants and preservatives.


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