LIPOFEDRINE for normal weight


  • Accelerates calorie expenditure immediately

  • Accelerates metabolism and thermogenesis

  • Powerful lip reducer

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Lipophedrine helps burn calories without doing active physical activity

Features and benefits of the dietary supplement

  • Accelerates and improves metabolism
  • Activates thermogenesis
  • Maintains tone and recovery
  • 100% natural ingredients and extracts
  • Clinical tests and trials with control groups
  • Proven results

Lipophedrine for normal weight activates metabolism and thermogenesis. The metabolic rate, called „metabolism“, is enhanced. The renewal processes are easier, the body begins to expend calories and „burn“ excess fat. You spend calories without doing physical activity. Accumulated extra pounds are easier to remove, the state of health remains stable. Lipophedrine 80tablets for normal weight makes it easier to reach and maintain normal kilograms without performing active physical activity.

20 day program, recurring according to your needs.

Combine with a healthy diet and exercise!

Lipophedrine (3CPHARMA) has innovative active ingredients, plus a patent of world-renowned laboratories:

  • Headonoid™ – The Laboratory Kaneka: Tominaga Y –, Japan
  • Biaminoi™ – Laboratoire LTEV: France

ACTIVE INGREDIENT HEADONOID™ Patent of the Japanese Kaneka Laboratory

Approved by the European Commission and NOVEL FOOD. Contains 30% polyphenols of liquorice, titrated to 3% glabridine and 70% medium chain triglycerides. When performing a test to measure body fat on 103 subjects for 12 weeks , it was found that intake of 100 mg of cephalonoid™ maintained normal body fat levels. When carrying out Test for measuring body mass of 81 subjects for 8 weeks, it was found that the intake of 100 mg Cephalonoid™ daily, leads to energy expenditure of up to 150 kcal. and loss of body mass, No change in food intake and no physical activity! When carrying out Physical activity for 30 minutes. per day, the energy consumed rises over 550 kcal , the loss of body mass also increases!

  • Activates thermogenesis powerfully
  • Supports energy consumption (from 150 kcal to over 550 kcal)
  • Maintains normal fatty acid levels
  • Increases loss of body mass
  • Accelerates and improves metabolism

ACTIVE INGREDIENT BIAMINOI™ – Patent of the French Laboratory LTEV

It contains all known 22 Organic Amino Acids type L and Organic Iron (Heme Iron). Biaminoi™ supports the normal operation of all processes in the body during the entire period (20 days) of taking lipophedrine for normal weight.

  • Organic amino acids are absorbed by the body in less than 15 minutes
  • Satisfies the body’s daily needs for amino acids
  • Organic iron promotes oxygen transport in cells and repair
  • Restores and energizes
  • Accelerates regeneration processes
  • Gives energy and strength

LIPOFEDRINE for normal weight is not a medicine, but a dietary supplement based on Amino Acids, Organic Iron, Plant Extracts and L-Carnitine.



  • Regularly practice physical activity and sports. This way you will reach your desired kilograms much faster and improve your figure
  • Avoid salty and fatty foods, as well as too sweet
  • It is important to limit snacking between meals.
  • Observe a reasonable lifestyle


64,88g; 80 811mg capsules


Take 4 capsules daily (in one intake) with a glass of water, if possible in the morning.

It is recommended to continue the 20-day program for 2-3 months

Combine with a healthy diet and exercise!


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of young children. Store in a cool, dry place. The food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

MANUFACTURER: Les 3 Chenes® , 69770 VILLECHENEVE, France




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